Tiny Coders Meet Mini Computers

19/01/2017 13:40

As Tekhnelogos, the first stop of our new corporate social responsibility project “ Tiny coders” was Fazilet Schools.

To improve computer literacy and promote productivity with programming to kids, rather than consuming the technology, first lesson of “programming with Micro:bit” was made at Fazilet Schools in Istanbul with year 7 students, concurrently with schools in Britain.

In the first lesson, students get their mini computers, the Micro:bit. In his speech, Mr. Caliskan, PhD, CEO of Tekhnelogos Software, told about necessity of learning programming and his experiences. After the funny first lesson with full attandance of class, Mr. Meral, Headmaster of the school, remarked how important it is for tomorrow of our children and country, and thanked Tekhnologos Software for their initiative.


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