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E-Project Solutions

As Tekhnelogos, we applied e-project meta format for the first time to natural gas utility installment projects and architectural projects. In addition, based on our expertise in this area on natural gas and architectural projects, we plan to develop e-project format in other engineering fields as a firm in upcoming years.

Electronic Workflow Systems

As Tekhnelogos, we have implemented, and continue to implement, electronic workflow system applications successfully. The electronic workflows that we have developed combine previously tested experiences with an innovative vision and resolves problems out in the field with an optimal solution.

E-Government Solutions

Tekhnelogos is working on the development of file- and certificate-based e-government applications in which data structure of all the process, workflow and all parties, including citizens, can be defined by imitating the current operational logic of file and certification in state institutions.

CAD Solutions

Tekhnelogos is capable of meeting all CAD-based needs of the software sector of our country and the world with powerful in-house developed CAD components.

AI-Based Solutions

The innovative AI technology, tested on engineering applications, will be utilized in different areas such as medical diagnosis, decision support systems and animated picture analysis in the coming years.

E-sign Signatures

Tekhnelogos reprogrammed all of its products to support e-sign since it became a standard in software industry and made significant investments in this field.


Better Aesthetics, Faster, More Comprehensive and Easier

Draw the project in a very short period of time and compatible with project technical specifications, and obtain approval through the web without going to natural gas distribution companies. Incredible!


Other programs are general, while ZetaCad is for a specific purpose.

Most standard CAD programs are general-purpose. In this type of program, you can draw the components of a machine and you can also design a garden. As it does not matter for the program, it does not intervene into the vectors drawn at all. ZetaCad, on the other hand, is a program developed only for natural gas project proposal preparation. It has only one goal and all of its functions are organized to achieve this goal.

Advanced Drawing Object instead of Primitive Drawing Objects

In a standard CAD program, the drawing is performed by general-purpose primitive objects. These are usually simple drawing tools, such as lines, circles, rectangles, and curves. Using a circle, you can draw a wheel or, sometimes, a pool. However, there are no primitive drawing objects in ZetaCad. Instead of these customized and advanced objects, there are commands such as walls, doors, windows, gas-fired boilers, and valves. In a standard CAD program, the line for a wall and the line for a natural gas line is the same thing. Unlike primitive standard CAD programs, in ZetaCad, a wall is a wall and a gas line is a gas line. They are separate from each other, with distinct definitions.

Instead of Design Dependent on the User, Smart Design

In a standard CAD program, the design does not have any meaning for the program. All the information about the design is in the mind of the user. In ZetaCad, all the information about the project intellectual property is known to the program. In other words, whatever meaning and intention that the designer has in his mind is the same information and knowledge in the ZetaCad AI, because everything in ZetaCad is separated distinctively and is goal-specific and goal-driven. In this context, the program makes all relevant project-specific calculations and controls automatically. As a result, ZetaCad has complete control over any project undertaken, whether it is a natural gas transformation project or something else.


Fast and secure utility approval in digital platforms.

Communicate the visual and measured data of natural gas utilities in an electronic platform to the natural gas distributor companies and obtain utility control and approval in a fast and secure manner.


All Units Access Each Other Online and in an Uninterrupted Fashion

Digital Project Approval System (DiPOS), composed of many software products and web systems, forms the major digital backbone through which natural gas in-house utility projects can be sent, controlled, approved, signed with an e-signature, and archived for future access. This digital backbone allows all parties, such as the utility installation companies, gas distribution companies, plot office and the consumer, to be in online communication with each other in an uninterrupted manner.

All Updates Performed over the Internet Automatically

Every unit in the digital platform is as involved as its access level allows and completes the required processes in the shortest period of time. Any update likely to occur in the system is processed to reach all units over the Internet and all parties communicate through this platform.

DiPOS is a Standard in the Natural Gas Sector

Despite the high cost of computer technologies, DiPOS was accepted widely and right away by gas distribution companies, as it presents a zero-cost financial model and important advantages. The digital system that is now used by more than 40 gas distribution companies has become a standard technology for in-house utility installment units. Since DiPOS was introduced in 2005, more than 500,000 projects all over Turkey have been approved digitally.


All concepts and workflows of the natural gas sector are now in a single platform.

You will now be able to manage all the needs and workflows of Natural Gas sector.


The Most Fundamental Concepts of the Sector are Now in This Platform

GasOffice is a synthesis of customer management and project management programs and it is a platform that allows follow-up on the technical needs and phases and to control these needs and phases. The most fundamental concepts of the sector, such as discovery, offer, contract, and follow-up on the work, are readily available in this platform for an end-to-end natural gas transformation project.

More Powerful Institutional Memory

The material for the work project is prepared in a project- and estimate-focused manner and the cost of the work and the offer for the work is prepared with the full control of the user. The customer or the potential customer, communication and marketing processes are recorded to manage the marketing power and to establish an institutional memory.

Report Supported Follow-up on the Work

Using mobile devices, an estimate can be made. Project approval and rejection and gas start-up processes can be monitored from the follow-up module with the Dipos integration. The sales team, technical team and field team can be formed and the system administrator can make instant announcements and briefings to all these different teams. GasOffice presents the contractor management for your use by compiling payment and completion or delivery of the work reports in order to follow up on the project end-to-end.


StorkCad is a complete analysis tool. It is for both design and calculation purposes.

StorkCad is an AI-supported application that enables computer-based 3D design of one or more burner exhaust gas discharges through a connected chimney.


Rich Reporting

After a perfect chimney design, all details are accounted for to obtain a perfect report. In addition to calculating heat and flow dynamics of the designed chimney system, the results of noise and static analysis are reported along with the list of materials needed for the chimney. Additionally, all kinds of models, figure or schematics representing the design of the system can be provided in the output automatically.

Detailed Calculation

In addition, the StorkCad program is compatible with EN-13384 standards and can calculate the heat and fluid dynamics for home-style chimney systems with one or multiple devices connected to the heating system. The calculation, starting with the addition of a burner appliance or device, is updated automatically for every product added to the design without for asking any other knowledge from the designer.

Complete Analysis

StorkCad is a complete analysis program; it is both for design and calculation purposes.

News and Announcements


Tiny Coders Meet Mini Computers

19/01/2017 13:40

As Tekhnelogos, the first stop of our new corporate social responsibility project “ Tiny coders” was Fazilet Schools.

To improve computer literacy and promote productivity with programming to kids, rather than consuming the technology, first lesson of “programming with Micro:bit” was made at Fazilet Schools in Istanbul with year 7 students, concurrently with schools in Britain.

In the first lesson, students get their mini computers, the Micro:bit. I...


Working Hour Changed

06/04/2017 13:58

Dear Visitor,

Working hours of company have been changed.
08.30 12.30 - 13.30 to 17.30.